The Lowcountry's Only Outdoor All Airsoft Urban CQB Field Offering MilSim-Style Games,  B-Day Parties and Private Events 

General Rules
Safety and FPS:



These Safety Rules are subject to changes at field before game play, and will be reviewed at that time.

FPS Restrictions: 

The following is a list of field engagement rules.

Minimum engagement distance (MED)  is ZERO feet.

Players will chrono all of their rifles and pistols at the field with a .25g bb if they wish to use them in a game.

HPA....1j with 0.30g.

All rifles and pistols must be choronoed before every game start. Event Staff reserve the right to chrono your weapon at anytime pregame, during the game, and post game. The field has a max FPS of 360 with .25g bb.

BOA-S reserve right to not allow a weapon to be used, if they feel it is not safe for game play.

Our regular weekend games are tailored towards URBAN warfare which requires the use of Semi Only due to close proximity engagement.

CQB Village:  

All weapons must be under 360 FPS.

Max BB allowed is 0.30g


Semi Only

Thunder B's...are allowed at person using them's liability for any injury that can arise.

Mutual hits…are to be called when two people fire at same time under 5ft of each other…no acceptations to this rule…argue and you both will be removed for the rest of that game!!!

 - Full auto is no longer allowed.
 - Grenades must be thrown thru windows or doors, not OVER the wall, with a 15 ft hit radius.
 - No jumping thru windows, and any damage to buildings will be repaired by person doing the damage!!! (we have tools to help you in your repair efforts)


● 8 -12yrs;  parent or Guardian must be within sight at all times either playing or in the field as a noncom with at  minimum wearing eye protection if on the field, until the child and BOA staff is comfortable that the child is ok for game play without parent there. 
● 13-17yrs; adult or guardian (age 18+) must be present to claim responsibility for you; they do not have to be related. 
● 18+yrs;  you are responsible for understanding and signing the legal waiver. 


Eye  Protection :
Proper eye protection must be worn at all times when in areas not designated as “no fire zones”.  Proper eye protection is considered to meet ANSI Z87.1 as a minimum.  Full sealing eye protection that provides no gaps through which a BB may pass is best safety protection.

Minors (defined as ANYONE under 18 years old) are required to have full-face hard protection in addition to full sealing goggles.

Full face protection is recommended for all players. 

The following FPS rules are for Special Operations or with Field Admin approval only:

Sniper Rifle....must be bolt action to fit this class:

 Approved sniper rifles are allowed at higher fps, but must adhere to the sniper MED as defined by BOA-S staff.


MED references for sniper are at discretion of BOA STAFF only.